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Various Artists - "X ≠ X" 2xCS [Cønjuntø Vacíø] - £10
An hour of unreleased music distributed in four faces that draw various facets of Cønjuntø Vacíø: from the ambient-noise of Cremation Lily, Titan Arch or False Moniker, the face of industrial Oil Thief or Pod Blotz, the proceedings of Todesfuge, the post - Industrial Narcotic of Fingering Eve, what unclassifiable music arnau room-here under the alias excedent Cognitiu -, draft here as future or there like Death Kneel.

Life in the Dark - 'Hushed Bloom' CD [MRL17] - £5
pre-cremation lily material from zen zsigo. static ambient industrial. hushed vocals, clouds of synth, electronics, abstracted guitar and drum machine.